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Sunday, May 27, 2007


DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

Four voluptuous girls, each with unique fighting styles, are invited to partake in the "Dead or Alive" world fighting tournament on an exotic island.

File this one under Guilty Pleasure. This is a budget kung-fu flick was inspired by the video game of the same title.

Who's in it?
Devon Aoki who played the ninja hooker in SIN CITY, Jamie Pressly, the ex-wife from hell on MY NAME IS EARL and Eric Roberts, the new villain on HEROES.

Bad jokes, "wire work" special FX and gratuitous bikini spots make this a naughty distraction from whatever the hell you're doing.


Part 1 http://dailymotion.com/zombielady/video/x1yfw3_doaz1/1
Part 2 http://dailymotion.com/zombielady/video/x1y6df_doaz2/1
Part 3 http://dailymotion.com/zombielady/video/x1y714_doaz3/1
Part 4 http://dailymotion.com/zombielady/video/x1ygue_doaz4/1
Part 5 http://dailymotion.com/zombielady/video/x1ygmj_doaz5/1
Part 6 http://dailymotion.com/zombielady/video/x1yh43_doaz6/1
Part 7 http://dailymotion.com/zombielady/video/x1yhor_doaz7/1

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