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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

That's a wrap!

• Wanna yawn? Take a look at the trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s animated flick ‘Bee Movie”. Grab a tall one at Starbucks before watching.

• Where the hell is Gene Hackman? We miss him, don’t we?

• Rest In Peace: whoever died in the accident on the set of the next Batman movie.

• Was that Sigourney Weaver in the trailer for the new “Alien VS Predator” film?

• Timothy Olyphant was awesome on HBO’s “Deadwood”, kicked ass as the villain in “Live Free Or Die Hard” and stars in the upcoming (videogame inspired) film “Hitman”.

• Rest In Peace: original concept for the “Underdog” TV series.

• Hey, Hollywood!: Don’t you dare make a live action “G.I. Joe” movie without COBRA COMMANDER!

•Dream flick…“Natural Born Killers” remake starring Joaquin Phoenix & Britney Spears. Jeremy Piven plays the Robert Downey Jr. role. Directed by Michael Bay.

And….that’s a wrap!
Resident Evil: Extinction

Punk-ass movie reviewers panned this film calling it “videogame-inspired nonsense” and the like. Meanwhile, it debuted at #1 at the box-office and continues to pull in crazy bucks. Why? Well…let’s see…could it be because…IT’S A FUCKING AWESOME ZOMBIE MOVIE?

I guess their idea of a good zombie movie is 28 Days Later. Yeah, it was good. But not as dark, subversive and “fantastical” as R/E. Maybe they don’t like the fact that a corporation is the villain. Maybe they don’t like the fact that Mila Jovovitch reprises her role as a zombie-killing hottie with super-powers. Maybe they burned out the last iota of their “Suspension Of Disbelief” on the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. C’mon! You get what you pay for!

Director Paul W.S. Anderson rocks the third installment of this series (yeah, based on the hit videogame–BFD!) balls out with over-the-top special effects as our heroine Alice finally realizes her true psyonic potential and helps a band of “T-Virus” survivors through a desert wasteland that used to be Las Vegas.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Good. Get out of the way and let the rest of us marvel at the imaginative blood work, badass fight sequences & zombie makeup. Don’t fret. The “Sex In The City” movie will be out soon.
The Brave One

I also used to talk a lot o’ shit about Jodie Foster. “Always playin’ the damsel-in-distress”, I muttered under my breath. But “Brave” was awesome. It’s the kind of film that turns interactive (the audience cheers & yells at the screen) when the action gets going.

Ms. Foster plays an evening talk radio jock reporting her spin on “things-that-go-bump-in-the-night” on the mean streets of the city. When “things-in-the-night” bump her & her boyfriend, her grief & rage compels her to buy an illegal handgun & take the law into her own tiny hands.

Hot on the case is a dapper, newly divorced detective played by Terrance Howard who’s gut tells him that she may be connected to the fresh vigilante killings that abound, making him torn between his badge of tin and his heart of gold.

The script is decent, the action ok and the bad guys are REALLY bad. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself cheering for their deaths like a Roman spectator at a gladiator bout in the Coliseum.
The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

I used to talk a lot o’ shit about Brad Pitt. “No-talent” this, “Pretty-boy-gettin’-by-on-his-looks” that.

This was before I saw 12 Monkeys and watched him get nominated or an Oscar, applauding for him all the way. That boy can act. Oh yeah, he can really burn. He is perfect as Jesse James and so is Sam Shepard as his grumpy older bro, Frank.

But major kudos go to Casey Affleck who plays Robert ford, the mixed-up, yellow-bellied yungin’ that ends up killing the American folk anti-hero of the film’s title.

Mr. Affleck (Casey, not Ben) is establishing himself as a top-notch actor and it’s good to see him finally get a feature role to bite on like “chaw” in the jaw. He makes the psychological study of a complex character like Bob Ford engaging to watch. It would be a shame if he didn’t receive a Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination. Also worthy of mention is Sam Rockwell (awesome as usual) as Bob Ford’s simpleton brother and Mary-Louise Parker as Jessie’s soon-to-be widow.

Poetic narration & fantastic cinematography frame the excellent performances of this well casted film, a must for all western addicts and aficionados of period dramas. It has a pacing that’s laid back like life in the 1800’s - so if you want a “shoot-em-up”, go see 3:10 To Yuma. Y’hear?