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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bruce Willis To The Rescue...

I have a confession to make. I didn't go see "Live Free Or Die Hard" to see Bruce Willis reprise the role of Detective John McClane. I didn't go to see "Hi, I'm a Mac" pitchman JUSTIN LONG, either. (He was good in "Accepted", by the way). I didn't go to see the tons of stuff that explode into huge fireballs, or the cool 15-minute fight sequences.

I went to see co-star TIMOTHY OLYPHANT who played the role of Seth Bullock on the HBO series DEADWOOD. And I was not disappointed. He was the perfect villain- an ex-patriot / computer mogul who disables the infrastructure of the United States. The Stunts & the CGI are top-notch, the action & story on par with the first film of the series.

Question: why couldn't the last JAMES BOND film (I can't even say the name of it) have been THIS good? I miss Pierce Brosnan so much now, I'm frantically channel surfing for a rerun of REMMINGTON STEELE.

Oh, well. Here's two words that might wake JAMES BOND out of his coma: JASON BOURNE.


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I'D RATHER BE: Watching a "Die Hard" movie marathon in a Jersey bar.

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