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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

That's a wrap!

• Wanna yawn? Take a look at the trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s animated flick ‘Bee Movie”. Grab a tall one at Starbucks before watching.

• Where the hell is Gene Hackman? We miss him, don’t we?

• Rest In Peace: whoever died in the accident on the set of the next Batman movie.

• Was that Sigourney Weaver in the trailer for the new “Alien VS Predator” film?

• Timothy Olyphant was awesome on HBO’s “Deadwood”, kicked ass as the villain in “Live Free Or Die Hard” and stars in the upcoming (videogame inspired) film “Hitman”.

• Rest In Peace: original concept for the “Underdog” TV series.

• Hey, Hollywood!: Don’t you dare make a live action “G.I. Joe” movie without COBRA COMMANDER!

•Dream flick…“Natural Born Killers” remake starring Joaquin Phoenix & Britney Spears. Jeremy Piven plays the Robert Downey Jr. role. Directed by Michael Bay.

And….that’s a wrap!

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