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Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Hollywood...WTF?


You used to be so cool. You gave us a reason to pay hard-earned money to be entertained...losing ourselves in a fantastic tale of love or terror or suspense, for a little while before returning back to a dull, dreary life. Now you are just as dull and dreary as our 9 to 5, or as exciting as suburban housework.

What happened? Where's all the fresh, original content that kept us going back again and again. Not all of us knows video game or comic book characters. Something fresh & new would be nice.

Why do you insist on dumbing down your product? Despite what you think we are not stupid. We may have strange habits like following what's popular and letting a couple of people dictate what happens in our lives, but overall, we're pretty intelligent folk. Please. Easy on the groin kicks & fart jokes.

Our ability to retain memory is not as bad as you think. We remember old movies and wish not to see them (and pay for them) again. "Friday The 13th", "Nightmare On Elm Street" & "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" are examples of features that should remain in the Hollywood Hall of fame.

What's that? You say that current remakes are for the next generation of moviegoer, whose attention span is too short to appreciate the cinematic style of older films? Oh. OK. That must explain the heavy dose of CGI and other camera "shake" effects on every project that comes out of you these days. Whatever. I guess I could pick up some Dramamine before I go to the theater.

We are getting tired of the same old ideas. Where are the new superstars? The new visionaries? The new studios? If you're hiding them, set them free. Give them a chance to dazzle us based on what we MIGHT like, instead of what we have liked before. Take a chance on 'em. You can't win if you don't gamble. And judging by the Summer 2010 box office, you're playing it safe and STILL losing.


James Avatar

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