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Friday, June 8, 2012

REVIEW: Ridley Scott's "Prometheus"

Hands down, one of the greatest prequels in movie history. This tense nail-biter mirrors the original "Alien" film's dedication to developing story & character and finds a clever way to show the origin of the creepy extraterrestrial we know so well.

Aside from stellar performances by a kick ass cast (Noomi Raplace, Michael Fasbender, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan-Marshall-Green and Charlize Theron) the film's impressive visual effects were enhanced by the (well used) 3D technology which may make you feel better about kicking up a hefty ticket price... before you pay for that "Bloomberg-free", ginormous soft drink.

What makes this such an entertaining film is the fact that a person who has never seen one of the four "Alien" films can enjoy it as a stand-alone entity.

 But those who have seen the Alien Quadrilogy
(Sorry. "Verses Predator" doesn't count.) are in for some familiar elements to marvel over:

_________________SPOILER ZONE____________________

1.) Bad Ass Female Lead- Actress Noomi Rapace brings an effective intensity to naive archeologist Elisabeth Shaw, whos positive outlook and dedicated faith is shattered when the revelation of a grand Alien plan to end human life comes into play. Ms. Rapace's "Elizabeth" rises to the occasion and reminds one of the fierce anxiety portrayed by Sigourney Weaver's "Ripley".

2.) Creature Attacks- Not only do we get to see the story of creature's origin but it's beginning stages of life and it's metamorphosis into the huge, slimy thing that has a nasty way of reproducing and defending itself.

3.) Bad Ass Brother- " LUTHER" tv series star Idris Elba plays Janek, (captain of the Prometheus) who tries too keep the ship, his crew and himself together as tempers flair and crisis ensues. His performance took me back to the original film where "Live & Let Die", African-American bond villan Yaphet Kotto played the role of "Parker", Chief engineer of The Nostromo.

Michael Fassbender plays "David".
4.) Andriod Assist - Joining the "Alien" robot hall of fame with ASH (Ian Holm) and BISHOP (Lance Hendrickson) is Prometheus' butler & maintenance man DAVID.

Actor Michael Fassbender adds a whole new level of creepy to this digital "Felix Unger" and gives a riveting (and at times unsettling) performance as an intelligent machine that conceals horrible secrets like humans.

TICKET WORTH: $18.50 (3D)
RENT/BUY/STREAM: By all means.

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